Then the SQL server decided it wasn’t happy with life

Dropped Jamie at the Station. He’s off to Durham with blue people, except he can’t pronounce it. Walked Sasha and noticed my email appeared to be down. Came back and checked the server, apparently it kernel panicked at about 6AM and bombed out of memory. I restarted the SQL service and mail appeared to work again, so did the web server. Had lunch. Booked a helicopter. Was rather disappointed, offered a free helicopter flight and no-one offered me a decent bottle of wine. Still, I’ll take Sarah out for a decent flight, we’ll do a land-away and have a coffee or something. Headed out, did a home check for a cat. Walked up Gloucester road, it was spitting with rain all the bloody time. Topped up on balls, caught everything, although the escape and dodge rate is now tedious. Several gyms have gone down in this area now, it’s so easy to take them down, but a real chore to build them back up. Mia was saying that a lot of the Instinct strongholds have gone down, she’s doing a rebuilding session tomorrow. But I really can’t be arsed to trek all the way across Bristol. I’m happy to have a pop at the local ones, but no interest after that. Anyway, I’m about one-hundred and twenty thousand from level thirty. So I’m going to obtain that, get the egg incubators and hatch until they run out. I’m not spending any more money on incubators now, if I get coins from gyms then all well and good, then I’m quitting for the winter. Quiet night in for me now, ravioli and a couple of small glasses of wine, then off to bed and do some reading I think.

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