The truth is out there

Managed to start fairly on time. Sleeping seems to be fine at the moment which is nice. Flipped over to new shader system today which is leading to a whole host of fire-fighting type tasks. Still, managed to get a couple of other things in at the same time. Dinkley’s got back to me, I need to make an appointment, apparently the first hour is free. Need to discuss the fact that I seem to be paying 60% tax on about twenty grand, not happy with that at all. The weather today was interesting, actually it was quite cold and very very windy. Sasha and I almost got blown away. Walked to the gym, did Combat. All gay front row again, the guy there likes to stare in the mirror more than I do. Walked home, it actually was quite a nice evening. Did final hour of work, I’m trying very hard to stick to a fixed time amount, it’s difficult. I’ve logged out of the forum from the laptop, when I finish now, I’ve finished. It’ll wait until the morning. Watched the X-Files again, blah, it’s okay I guess, it will take a while to get back into it. Good to see it’s back to ‘monster of the week’ again next week. See how it goes.

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