“That’s another death in December”, don’t worry there’s still time for you yet

So today I swapped over to nVidia. Had a lot of teething troubles with the API but finally got it all working. Zen have indeed upgraded my line to ‘Fibre 2’, I now have 80mbps down and 20mbps up. That’s not bad for a line that BT said I’d get 20mbps down on a good day. Very mild weather at the moment. Walked Sasha. This evening I walked to the gym, did Pump and walked home. Went to transfer the wine, fucked it up and got sediment in it, so poured it back and it will have to clear again. The other one will be ready for it’s first transfer tomorrow.

Mother sent me a text the beginning of the week, ‘Uncle Henry passed during the night, that’s another one in December’, I thought, ‘well there’s still time for you yet’. I must admit I’d only met the guy about five times in my entire lifetime. I may pop along to Canford for the burn up, he was ninety odd, good innings, God bless you.

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