Still not in the holiday mood

Spent all bloody day on that SDK update again. Finally got to the bottom of it. Walked Sasha rather late due to the weather. Went out for a walk this evening and found a few new Geocaches. Updated WordPress and Ubuntu. I’m going to build a new server when back from holiday and update Linux at the same time. I looked up the motherboard in the current server and it’s marked as ‘end of life’ so that about says it all really. It’s done well with no real problems. 12.04.05 times out April 2017, 16.04LTS has just been released and that’s good until April 2021. So probably have to do a two stage upgrade to 14.04 first. I think an upgrade every four years is reasonable considering it’s on 24/7/365. Off to London tomorrow for a meeting I don’t particularly want to go to.

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