So technically I’ve now flown myself to another country

Okay, so finished very late last night, I wasn’t going to be up at the crack of dawn. I’m not keen on Dawn’s crack anyway. So woke up a bit late and had a leisurely hour drinking coffee and reading the paper. The sun was blazing through the blind, so I grabbed Ben on FB and asked about availability. He phoned me straight back and we were booked in for three-thirty. Didn’t really have a clue where I wanted to go. Took Sasha out for a walk, via the vets, I thought they were due worming, but not. Started editing last weeks video. Had a good look at the map, and decided on a plan. Got to Staverton nice and early, but the previous pilot was late in, so we didn’t get going until about four-twenty. Flew south, down the estuary and crossed the water into Wales, so now, technically, I’ve flow into another country, we then joined up to the Wye valley and flew back to Staverton. A nice little flight, never been that way before, but certainly one I could take people on, it’s very picturesque. Drove home, stopped off at mothers, she’s still alive and annoying. Picked up Jamie from the station and did the accounts. Nice relaxing day really.

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