So now I have to bill my mother, time for a summons?

Can’t complain about work today, it was tough going, but got stuff done with very few interruptions, so that always counts as a good day. Tanner left first thing this morning. I was hoping perhaps then I could spend some time with Jamie, but he’s working this weekend and then next weekend he’s got someone else over. We may get a day together at some point. Nice day today, although it threatened rain this evening. Walked Sasha, walked to Pump, Laverne is away at the moment so Nick did it, so everything was out of time with the music as normal.

I need to go through last weeks shopping list and work out what mother owes me. I also need to go through the B&Q receipts to work out what she owes me there as well. Apparently she’s been moaning that the bathroom is cold and that she wants a full enclosure. Ungrateful bitch, she’ll need to pay me what she owes me or I’ll start removing and selling stuff from her house.

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