So I walked to the gym without carrying a phone

Started this morning with looking at why my sql server had decided to fail again. Same cause, out of memory. It even managed to corrupt the database so wouldn’t even start on a reboot. Managed to get the rebuilt and the service started. Then looking at the firewall I noticed I was getting attacked by one IP address about every ten milliseconds. So blocked that one and found another one later. I expect all those hits on Apache were overloading the SQL server. It’s been running fine since, but I need to keep a very close eye on it. Work was shite. Walked the dog. Walked to the gym, as I’m now almost at my ultimate goal on Pokemon Go I didn’t take the phone, I just walked instead. Did Combat, walked home. Did a bit more work. I’m going to change my working hours. I think two hours on a Thursday afternoon should cover it.

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