So I took up my first passenger and everyone survived

Okay, so I didn’t have the best nights sleep, probably because I was feeling knackered and went to bed at about 10:30PM. This morning though I got the wind spot chart and the forecast and plotted the route. Walked Sasha, got some petrol and picked up Sarah. Drove to Staverton. Office was empty so ended up giving the flight briefing outside the cafe. Tech log signed we headed to the apron, I gave the safety briefing and warmed up the crate. Full credit to Sarah, she was certainly less nervous and apprehensive than I was. I’d done the pick-up and take-off a hundred times before, but this one was somewhat special. No longer was the passenger a dumbbell or an instructor, this was a sibling who’d passed through the same vagina as me. After that terrifying feet I guess this was nothing special. I’m very impressed that she was calm enough to actually video the entire take-off. Due to the odd weather I couldn’t carry out the flight as planned so had to wing-it a bit (no pun intended). But we flew around for an hour and looked at the sights of Tewkesbury and Stresham motorway service station. There were a lot of dust particles hanging around so made the visibility quite bad. Landed back at Staverton and did a bit of hovering. Overall a good flight. I think she enjoyed it. Most people can drive a car, very few people can fly a helicopter and even fewer have the privilege of flying their own sister in one, it was a pleasure. I know it was a bucket list item for you, but it was a big achievement for me, and for that I’m thankful. Hopefully the next flight will be somewhat more interesting.

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