Oh Amazon Prime, why couldn’t you just fix it?

So got an email this morning saying my prime membership had been cancelled. So had a look at the messaging thing and sure enough there was a message from an Indian callcentre to apologise for my problems and that prime had been cancelled as requested and they would refund the yearly fee within the next five to seven days. This is after I’ve spent the past month moaning that the same day delivery doesn’t work, I never get the option for it, yet on Jamie’s account it worked fine. So now with prime removed I decided to have a little dig. I went to ‘manage addresses’ and there was a new option box, which you could put in ‘residential’ or ‘business’. Now prime same day is only available to residential addresses, so set it to that. Still didn’t work. So I deleted my address completely and removed the credit card details. Then added my address again. Then magically everything was now available same day….if I had prime membership. So now I’m going to wait for the refund and apply it again, still, managed to get two months free…….

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