Map/Unmap or UpdateSubresource, oh the fun of my life

Started late as I had a total crap nights sleep last night. I went to be very late, very tired, watched TV, and still didn’t sleep all night. Still finishing off little bits of the new shader system. Today was very cold, but dry. So walked Sasha. Walked to the gym, did Pump, walked home. Then had a bit of a crises about weather to do UpdateSubresource or map/unmap on constant buffers. After much research, the map/unmap seems to win the day. To be honest it’s all a bit shit anyway, if I was allowed to just allocate my own buffers without all this buffer renaming crap going on in background. I’m back on the wine tonight, I need to sleep. I now have to go through a ton of emails that were sent to my mother as she’s managed to sign up to some spam mailing list and it’s overloading my server.

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