Life is so much easier if your plaster is not two years out of date

Started this morning slowly. To the point the dogs got me up to let them out for a pee and I went back to sleep. Had coffee and breakfast for three at about 11:30. Jamie had already gotten up at about 4:30. Rearranged the bedroom ready for work. Took Sasha out on a nice long walk to make up for yesterdays poor weather. Got back and Jamie was home from work. PVA’d the work area. Put up some Crimbo lights outside and then mixed up some plaster. It’s so much easier to work with if it’s in date. Got the bulk of it all finished. Ordered something from Amazon at about 12PM, it arrived by 6PM, that’s just a bit odd. Bottled the Chenin Blanc, twenty eight bottles and one of cloudy stuff. Had a bath and phoned mother. Her ‘Lady Shave’ arrived, they are all battery powered these days. So bought her a plug-in charger and some batteries as well. I can just hear the moaning now…..

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