It’s quite intense flying your mother-in-law

Started this morning with coffee and the papers. I forgot that I told Megan to be here by eleven. Anyway, we picked her up closer to twelve and drove to Staverton. Got there early, but by the time I’d done the briefing and the paperwork we took off late. And by God was there some serious traffic there today. Every man and his copilot was in a bloody aircraft. We finally got clearance and I went straight out, hit full power and launched down the 18 threshold, I’d done it a hundred times before, but today I had some precious cargo. Avoided the noise abatement over Staverton and then tracked the M5. My trim could have been a bit better but everything was by the numbers and pretty much spot-on. We tracked across Twekesbury and then followed the estuary back towards the airport. I was still to the north even if a plank was moaning that I was approaching from the west. Landing was fine, second landing was a bit rough on the tarmac, but that’s always an ass anyway. Good flight I guess. I hope my passengers enjoyed it. I reviewed the flight back on the GoPro footage and on the SkyDemon log and it was pretty much perfect, except a minor infringement over Down-Hatherley where I slightly cut into the noise abatement. You can never imagine the shear pressure involved when flying with passengers, I can fly with James or Ben and not give it a second thought, but when you are on your own and have three lives to protect, fuck me the pressure is absolutely immense. Still, I hope everyone enjoyed their day. I know Alison was panicking somewhat, but again I hope afterwards she enjoyed the experience.

Jamie and I went shopping and then failed to buy anything. We were looking at Christmas decorations. Still haven’t decided on a direction yet. Went to the local Indian this evening, we managed to sample it on an up cycle, so enjoyed the food. The price was reasonable as well. In bed by 11PM with a glass of wine. Jamie has to be up at 4:15AM, I don’t.

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