If Combat was like that every week I’d weigh about three stone

Started the morning by taking Dillon to the vets. Had his checkup, all good. Going back again next week. Came back and we all had breakfast. Usual Monday problems, took me ages to get into work so ended up working far too late to make up for it. Walked Sasha, kept threatening rain. Walked to gym and did Combat. Nick was standing in and did a custom mix of all 3,000BPM tracks. Jesus I was fucked by about track three. Got into it though, it’s the first time I’ve been able to do jump kicks since April. Took a few tablets before hand mind, but all good. Walked home, kept getting distracted by Squirtles and Koffing that kept popping up on the radar. Worked far too late. Got everything checked in though, so will have a bit of a break doing bugs tomorrow before continuing with Bokeh on the DX platforms.

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