I really must upgrade Ubuntu, only have another year

Started vaguely on time. More of a finishing off and cleaning up day today. Managed to clean everything up and finish it off anyway. Got it all checked in. Another beautiful day. Took Sasha on a long walk. Walked to gym and did Pump. So one weekend of sobriety left, its been good fun really and has done wonders for my sleep pattern. I have an expensive white brewing, started it Sunday, it’s gassing up nicely now. Just looked at the end of life for Ubuntu on the server it’s 12.04.5LTS, it’s got until next April. Sooner or later I’m going to have to do the upgrade, no doubt everything will break. Speaking of upgrades, the firewall has been fine since I upgraded that, hasn’t crashed or rebooted once. Also Virgin have sent me a mail saying that now my speed has been increased they are going to send me a new router. I’ll put that next to the one they sent yesterday then. Talking of people who don’t know what one hand is doing against the other, tax office has finally written to me to say I need to file a tax return, at least we are all happy now.

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