I really must think about packing

So started a bit later today as I was somewhat knackered yesterday after a very long day, sex as well, first time in weeks. Finished off the SDK updated then had to do a load of memory saving stuff with shader binaries, yep, that’s as exciting as it sounds. I think the summer is here for two days, walked Sasha in just a t-shirt (I had bottoms on as well). Went out this evening and picked up a couple of Geocaches, felt quite knackered though, walked too much yesterday. Sorted out iPad Air for holiday, intro video installed and ready in FCPX. I’ve got the Hero 4, three batteries and a dual charger, plus about 1TB of flash storage. That’s all I’m taking this time. Also have a little tripod and various mounts. Got a helicopter flight booked in Miami, that’ll be a cool way to round off the holiday. Must think about packing, ah, maybe tomorrow.

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