I lied in the bath and couldn’t remember how old I was

Started on time and I really can’t complain about work at all. Got the PC version of Bokeh working and before I knew it, it was time to clock off. Walked Sasha. I then planned on going to Clevedon for a bit and then Staverton, but as it happened I made it to Clevedon and then drove pretty much straight to Staverton. The weather was really weird, there was serious fog all over Gloucester. We made it in the air anyway and did the necessary hour required. Drove home, was planning on going back to Clevedon but due to traffic that wasn’t on the cards, so just got home and went out for a walk instead. I’m slightly pissed off, bumped into Lisa over last weekend, I said at the time that I’d rather eat my own foot than go into town on an evening, so Jamie has arranged to go into town on Saturday evening, I’ve now arranged to take myself off somewhere on my own for the weekend. Shame, I would have liked to spend some time with my husband, but if he goes directly against my wishes then I’ll do my own thing, after all it’s not like we haven’t been together for the last week, oh know, we haven’t.

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