I finally have a palm tree

Last few days have mainly been about catching up on sleep. I’ve had some wonderful depressive peeks and troughs that have taken me from below ground to above the clouds, I have to admire my brain sometimes, it’s the joys of having a week off work. Mother came round for dinner yesterday, I’ve spent far too much time walking the dog (I think I’ve clocked up over eight hours last few days). Went to the mother-in-laws this evening and had Christmas Dinner No.2 I’m going to be as fat as a house by the end of the week. Had some fun presents and finally, my very own palm tree. I’ve stuck it in front of the car at the moment, hope no shit head pinches it. Feeling very tired again, that’s looking forward to work again that is. I’ve really got fuck all done so far this week, so may try and do something vaguely constructive tomorrow.

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