Getting shit-faced at Disney’s California Adventure

So started this morning early but it didn’t really go to plan. After gentle sexual contact I got up and had cereal and coffee. The video had only just finished uploading, that’s almost an eight hour upload. We finally got out just after 11AM and headed down to Disney’s California Adventure park. To be honest we’ve done all the rides here multiple times so were in no hurry to queue up for anything. We ended up doing the coaster twice and then the toy story midway ride. Did Tower of Terror twice and then had a very long and expensive lunch with a nice bottle of wine and cocktails. Afterwards we just meandered round a bit and did a couple more rides. Finally we were seated for the ‘dessert party’ where we sat at a high table and drank vodka while watching the show. We then wandered back to the hotel. Very nice relaxing day.

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