“Excuse me sir, but you fit a description…”

Work was okay I guess. Just cracked on with it after convincing an artist that the colour channel was not being stored in gamma space. Anyway, Bokeh is all finished now. Walked Sasha. Weather has been dry but fairly miserable, I think it’s fairly set like that for the week. Popped out this evening while some data was building. Walked round a field that was supposed to be spawning exeggcute nest, but after a few laps a policeman appeared. Apparently I matched the description of someone who snatched a bag. I have nothing to hide so divulged my details. This tea-leaf was apparently chased and jumped out in front of a police car. I was obviously not out of breath but did match the description of ‘a beard’ and ‘blue tracky bottoms’. After a few minutes the police car which was doing the chasing turned up and I was about a foot too short and about twenty-five years too old. There was a ‘thank you for your time’ and I was back walking round a field. Still, broke up the evening a bit.

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