End of an E.O.

So started this morning far too early as I wanted to escape for a bit this afternoon. Mainly working on bugs and some motion blur stuff. Logged a fault with Zen about the voice line being dead, during it I said I’d pop across the road and have a word with the myriad of people working on the cabinet. Lovey chap, I asked if he was uplifting exchange only lines to the cabinet, he replied ‘How do you know that?’. I know a lot, it’s just one of those things. He went through his list and my line wasn’t due to be be to tomorrow. So the voice side dying was indeed just a coincidence. Zen rang a line check, appears to be a fault between the multiplex and the line cared, so it’s exchange side. So tomorrow I will be officially on cabinet twenty-four, I can then order fibre on that line which will be cool. I reckon I’m less than 300M from it cable wise, so should be good for about 70Mbs, but it’s the upload which is more of interest to me. Anyway, one thing at a time, lets get the line moved and voice fault fixed. I then have to get a new fibre modem for it.

So gave Sasha a quick walk. We headed out at about three-thirty to miss the traffic and miss it we did. Got there (the tattoist) with plenty of time to spare. Another guy was being tattoo’d while we waited. He left and then the Pokemon theme tune was played…my turn. I had another couple of hours of work done. Looking nice, a couple more hours to go. While I was there, someone rang up to cancel a couple of bookings so hopefully I’ve got one of those in November, so that will be finished then.

Took Jamie to ‘Atomic Burger’ for his birthday, even though thats tomorrow, this place was on the same street as the tattooist.

Came back and worked far too late. Having a glass of wine and then off to bed I think.

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