Confined to building cutlery sculptures

Started vaguely on time. Spent the bulk of the day though procrastinating about a certain bug. Many people in denial, it got fixed in the end but I got bored and took the dogs out for a couple of hours, there’s only so much arguing getting nowhere that I could take. Kind of lost enthusiasm at that point so just did an SDK upgrade. Got some good stuff planned for tomorrow though. Talking of upgrades, Windows did it’s major upgrade today, thankfully no issues and all running again. Talking of running, I did a six mile one this evening. I then let Jamie and Tanner use the dinning room to do his radio show. So I’m now sat in his office. It’s not too bad actually, I’ve built a sculpture using cutlery I found on the floor and also found the other pin sentry machine. The TV even streams fine from my recorder, so I think that’s a good result.

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