Caught the Aerodyctal but the Dragonite got away

Started the morning far too early dropping Jamie and Megan off at the airport. All the bloody roads were closed due to the ‘Tour of Britain’ bike race thing, so was a major pain in the ass. Came back through town, it was easier, went back to bed. Had lots of coffee and breakfast. Took Sasha out and then drove to my usual spot. Did a scan while still in the car and there was an Aerodyctal just round the corner, got it second ball. Walked into town round millennium square area and the docks, picked up a lot more. Then a Dragonite came up, thirty ultra balls and a lot of raspberries later and the fucking thing got away. Really pissed off with that. Still, got a few more Dratini’s so I can always get one the very long way round. Fitted mothers battery, she works again, okay it was her car battery. The bloody clamp bolt sheared off, so if anyone has some small bungie’s….otherwise the bloody thing will rattle on the plate, the way she brakes it will join her on the passenger seat. Popped into Tesco’s and picked up some Phal sauce. Busy day tomorrow, will try and pick up some Mankey’s in the evening if I get a chance.

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