Bletchley Park and the National Museum of Computing

So I actually got up early, had coffee and breakfast and waited for the mega bowels to open, which they duly did. Headed out at 9AM for a two and a half hour journey to Milton Keynes. No hold ups or problems to speak off. Arrived about eleven thirty. Was planning on doing the computing museum first, but hey ho, parked up now. Miserable day, overcast skies and fairly cold, I was wearing shorts. I must admit I found the whole thing absolutely fascinating. I really enjoyed walking round all the huts and reading every board with all the information. It really was ‘my thing’. At about 3PM I walked the 300M to the computing museum. Once again I was totally in my element, seeing the rebuild of the Tunny machine and the Colossus. Jamie would of hated it. Drove home very satisfied, stopped and grabbed a garage sandwich. Very nice drive home, no hold ups. Had a shower then Jamie and I went for a lovely meal at the Aztec. It was a nice way to end off a lovely day for me. Sorry, but I won’t be pressured into doing something I’m uncomfortable with. Tomorrow is another big day, but in a different kind of way.

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