Apparently my body will work for another two years

Bit of a day of two halves and a never ending evening. Work once again started with debugging something for an artist and then suddenly descended into a seven hour bug hunt for something that has been randomly crashing for about six years. I finally worked out what it was just before I had to leave for Staverton. Drove up there, there was an accident on the way delayed me by about ten minutes but still got there on time. My medical lasted about eighteen minutes and cost seventy quid plus VAT. I’m apparently fine for another two years. All paperwork signed and sorted, I popped a copy into James, met Quentin again, he’d just tested another PPL. Drove back, did another few hours of work. Went out for a run and then ate a brief salad. Then got stuck on the motorway to pick up Jamie and his mum, had horrendous hammering rain all the way to Weston and then on the way back had to do a twenty mile diversion due to the slip road being closed, in the end the journey was just shy of three hours. Finally sat down at almost 1AM and had the first cup of tea since about 4PM. Hoping for a less hectic day tomorrow.

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