And now an MP’s been shot. I think the safest place to be these days is dead.

Had a rather fun day trying to get some milestone work done. All to do with geometry shaders. Suffice to say by the end of the day they still don’t work. Walked Sasha, weather held up. Then early evening I had to do some some filming for Jamie where it promptly pissed down and everything including me got soaked. Had a bath. Now some random MP I’ve never heard of has just been shot, the guy who did it is either a loon or completely pissed off about something. I remember phoning up the local MP once and calling him a cunt many years ago, but shooting is certainly a step too far. Just waiting for Mr Trump to pipe up and say he was probably descended from a Muslim.

Something completed unrelated happened today which is causing me to lean more to ‘brexit’, somehow I think controlling our own borders is something I’d like to see happen.

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