Wet London

So today I started in a grumpy mood. Logged on briefly, moaned at a few people and then logged out. Drove to the station, got on train. Very uneventful journey, read a complete magazine. Walked to office. Then proceeded to have a rather fun meeting with a company I can’t mention looking at a product I can’t talked about. Left at about five, walked most of the way back to the station, it was actually quite pleasant, there was a light drizzle, but it wasn’t freezing. Got on a tube at Hyde-Park Corner, would have been quicker to continue the walk. Got a ticket, got on train. Had to stand all the way to Reading. Then got a seat. A guy sat down next to me, he plugged himself in, then got a notebook out. He then proceeded to write what was either a song or a poem entitled ‘Death of a child’, he must have had the same sort of day I had.

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