Well the screens back up again

Working again on an odd bug from previous game. Then we had a bizarre issue with colour cubes. I was convinced the artists had completely lost the plot. It worked absolutely fine on both my PC and both consoles. We synced code and swapped all sorts of shit. He had a wonderful effect where if he put in a black and whit cube all the high lighting values would remain colour. After many hours I twigged what it was……we’d had an issue with a certain range of AMD cards, so I bought one and swapped it out. As it happens its a driver issue so I had to do a workaround. This converted the 10bit cubes to 8bit. I still had this card in my machine. When I did the workaround I cocked up the normal path and it wasn’t doing all of one channel. Still, people would pay good money for that effect. We now have another odd one, where spot lights seem to be attenuating far two quicky, I’ve probably cocked that up as well. Weather a bit better, did an eight mile run. Got the projector screen back up again, ready for tonights torture porn.

It was nice to speak to you last night Al, I hope I gave you a good chuckle. I’m certainly going to run more tests on that particular method, I need to get better async compute support up and running first (in the new compiler I can now optimise for wavefronts rather than raw speed, this should be a big advantage in this case). So much to do, and so many artists to keep quiet. If I don’t speak to you before, have a good Christmas and hopefully there may be some opportunities in future.

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