Then I bought an oven

For some reason this morning I woke up and decided to buy a new oven. You just get days like that. So I walked the dogs. Then a man was coming round about these cook your own food things, so I signed up to that for a week to try it. Picked up mother (in the car that is), she showed me her bruises, I showed her no interest at all. Did a home check for a cat. Actually it was a fairly old lady, the cat will be fine. Picked up some crickets. Then we went to a shop that sold ovens, looked at an oven, then bought it. I tend not to piss about in these situations, it was brushed steel, had a timer and a fan, was fairly well priced and they could deliver it Tuesday and take the old one away. Stopped off at a garage, bought mothers shopping. Had a cup of tea with her. Came home and then did about two hours gardening. Took the side fence panel down and cleared the lot all the way down to the front. Then put a plastic sheet over the whole thing to hopefully stop it sprouting up again. Then we walked the dogs again. Did the accounts. Captain James says tomorrow looks like a nice day. Quick look at the forecast and it looks warm and cloudy with fairly high winds, so that’ll make it interesting anyway.

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