The running is fine, it’s the stopping that hurts

So started work at 7:30 to take an hour or so in before taking Dillon to the vet for his kennel cough booster. Can back and did more work. Today was all about removing samplers, which is fine in theory, but testing on three platforms is a right pain. Thankfully, it is all working now though. Walked Sasha as Dillon walked to the vet. Had an early lunch and then went to the dentist. Appointment two of three, not sure when the next one will be, depends how the next couple of weeks go I guess. Finished work just before seven. Then went out and ran fifteen miles. The running was fine, although it did get a bit chilly towards the end. Came home and had a shower, then basically seized up, can’t move at all. Think I’ll lie on the couch and drink wine.

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