‘The Mothership’, approved, just needed to magnify a couple of slides

So started off with early breakfast, walked Sasha and then headed to the station. I’d almost left plenty of time. Then just at the end of the road got stuck behind a learner driver who was turning right. Now I have quite a lot of patience for learners, but after the 3rd time of stalling I was beginning to get pissed off a bit, anyway, the train was six minutes late so didn’t matter. Studied ‘aircraft general’ on the way. HQ was only a few stops on the tube and just off Oxford street. Anyway, had to present to a group of four, including the head of UK Development. I can’t go into it as it’s very confidential content, but it all went according to plan and to time. The only thing I really have to do is magnify a couple of the slides. I was back on the train at 3:45 and back home by 5:30. So went about editing a couple of the slides and then went for a walk. Got some petrol, then Sarah came round and picked up that bath. Did a bit more study. Weekend looks shocking for flying, but may be okay Monday. So up with the study, then hopefully have a pop at some of the exams on Monday.

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