That’s probably the 2nd time I’ve eaton vegetables this year

So started off at Staverton at 11AM, did a preflight and then we knocked up 0.9 hours, doing a number of autorotations and forced landings. Everything was pretty good today apart from quick-stops, which were a bit shit. Then had a debrief and we went through the final skills test. Told I had to do a heading hold and a track crawl, neither of which I’d done before, so now have that planned out ready to do tomorrow. Came back and picked up the dogs worm stuff, booked in for a flu jab. Wormed the dogs, walked Sasha, did plan for tomorrow and then had flu jab. We ate at the local carvery with Sarah and Shaun and caught up, I’m sure all those vegetables won’t do me any good. Radio test tomorrow and the heading hold stuff.

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