Spring time for Hitler and Germany

So this morning started with coffee, followed by coffee. Then read the rest of one of the aircraft books. Basically today consisted of doing a hell of a lot of reading, followed by a hell of a lot of tests on four different exams. With fairly mixed results I must say. We popped to Tesco’s, I walked the dog. Did more testing. Finally we washed and put something with less dog hair on and went to the theatre lovvie. We saw ‘The Producers’ which is a musical based on an old Mel Brooks film. I must admit, it was really good with a great cast. The actual staging of ‘Springtime for Hitler’, the musical, was just so outrageously over the top, it was brilliant. Jason Manford, Louie Spence, Phil Jupitus were all great, and the leading man, who’s done lots of stuff but no idea what his name was. Great night out, a lot on my mind though, which isn’t so great. There are currently some people I’d like to kill, one in particular. What do they say, keep friends close and enemies closer. I may have to move next door.

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