So the two most un-manly men, were actually very good at football

So yesterday started very early. There was an event that I’m not going to talk about here as it’s not about me that was due to occur and we were waiting to hear about, but as with many times before it was postponed and postponed quite late which was annoying. Anyway, so back to plan B which was the company do. Jumped in the car as I’d already had a case packed just in case (no pun intended). And actually made it there just in time for the teams to be assembled. We had various activities, including ‘power turns’ which are these great twin engine buggy things. Rifle shooting, which I was okay at. Archery, which oddly I found I was very good at. Axe throwing, not that great, even if I was imagining the target was mother. Then we had this team building game where we had to go from one side of a spiders web to the other. It was made out of bungee cord and there was a plastic spider at the bottom. If you touched the cord it would slowly move down it. You could only pass one person through one hole though, so me being the lightest was posted through one of the top ones, Anders and Richard had similar treatment. The bigger guys stumbled through the others in various ways. We managed about sixty-five holes in twenty minutes. We then had quad bikes and these strange Argo tank things. Oh, and blind Land Rover driving. We did pretty good considering our team was all over forty. We finished second overall. Then we had human table football, which was this inflatable thing where you have to move across poles. It was a knockout comp between the six teams. Now Richard and I played up front for our team. Neither is particularly a ‘football’ person. Both of us scored and both of us really enjoyed it. But it was very knackering. And how did our team of past-its do? Well, we actually won.

The evening mostly consisted of eating very mediocre food, drinking vast quantities of wine and singing some very bad karaoke, mainly in duets with Steve. I actually ended up going to bed at about midnight, it was a very tiring day.

Got up fairly early and had breakfast at nine-ish. Was planning on doing some Geocaching, but something had gone wonky on the GPS as it said the closest one was over 35Km’s away. So drove home instead which took almost four hours.

Had lunch and then headed out for a couple more sheep. Went for a run and now had pizza. Dillon still can’t play the piano.

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