So that’s the blinds ordered

Work was delayed by an hour so I could have a lie in. Well I did get up at 6:20 to take Dillon to daycare. So started at 10. Spent a long time running CPU profiles, it ain’t the most exciting thing in the world, but quite productive. Jamie has the week off, so spent all morning in bed just like he’s done all week. He just managed to get up in time for the blind man to come. That’s a man who sells blinds, he didn’t turn up with a dog to tune my piano. Although I’ve never seen a dog tune a piano. I don’t even have a piano. Anyway, he turned up and moaned that he couldn’t measure anything as it wasn’t tiled yet. He seemed to have the idea that I wanted the blind inside the window box, which was something I never even considered. After I said that I wanted it outside he settled down and buggered off for some pattern books. By the time he’d measured everything we’d chosen the design. I think he was a bit shocked by the fact that I just don’t have time to piss about with these things. It was costing me more to stand their while he was pissing about with paperwork than the damn things cost. Oh they weren’t cheap. But I’d done a bit of research and to be honest I couldn’t be assed with buying some cheap shit off some site then have to cut it down and try and screw it to tiles. They can install it. If they fuck it up I’ll sue their ass. Right. That just leaves, two bolts, two doors, two drawer fronts and a granite top. And some painting. And some rubbish disposal. Went to Pump. Worked on my arms. Weights coming back up again now. Came back and did my keyboard practice. Working on left hand chords. Which as they have an inversion are a real pain in the ass. Thankfully what I learnt when I was about twelve has come back to me and I’m having no problem reading music whatsoever. It’s getting there, it’s just quite difficult. I think I’ll be on ‘Bye bye love’ for the foreseeable future. But now I’m doing it without cheating and using the single finger coords. It’s odd, as now ‘Are friends electric’ I can now play without even thinking about it, plus improvise on top of it which is quite fun. Bought Ableton Intro, as it was the last day of the sale. So thats sorted now. Looking at a software VST plug-in, as I still can’t get the sound I’m really after.

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