So thats got to me three months without washing any pants

Really couldn’t get out of bed this morning, so started very late. Worked through though. My wine kits arrived. And then unexpectedly a Fed-ex van arrived, and so did my pilots license. That’s it then, it’s official, I’m a fully qualified helicopter pilot. I must admit I currently have no desire to fly, mainly because of the weather. Who the hell wants to see the sights in rain and high winds? Bugger that. There is nice weather in winter, and when we finally have some I look forward to flying to some nice restaurants and having some very poncy sandwiches, in the meantime I’ll crack on with the decorating. Walked the dogs with Jamie, then I went out to the doctors and picked up prescription for something I can’t pronounce. Dropped that off at Tesco’s and got some petrol. Drove to Pump tonight as it was due heavy rain. It didn’t happen in the end though. Came back and did way more hours than I was planning on. Did the washing and emptied the dishwasher. It’s now been over three months since Jamie has washed anything other than his work stuff. No one has that many pairs of pants.

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