So RS232 isn’t going to work, but looks like USB might

So started fairly early. People came to pick up the furniture so that’s all now gone. Blu-ray player arrived back. Indeed the drawer wouldn’t open. Stripped it down and found the motor didn’t seem to be running. Turned out a bit of plastic had jammed, probably due to dodgy courier. After a bit of twiddling it’s all working again. So I now have a spare blu-ray player, that also plays DVD’s, wonder if anyone will pick up on the hint…

Walked Sasha. Finished off over eight hours, after finishing earlier yesterday. Then went out and got another couple of caches. Came back and did a bit more, trying to find a cone / frustum intersection test, no end of googling is turning up anything. I may just use a pyramid. Then started soldering various bits to a d-plug and prodding it in the projector. All I could find was a -12V on the transmit data. And that was there with it in standby, so that wasn’t going anywhere. Plugged a mouse into the USB port, now that seemed to be activated when it was on not standby. So butchered an old USB extension lead and put a meter on it. Sure enough 5V when switched on. So now really I need to opto-couple that to a relay, as I need 12V to trigger the screen. I could try it directly, but I just no there will be an unprotected internal relay and one dodgy lot of feedback through the coil will fry the USB. So may do a trip to Maplin and pick up an optoisolator and a relay, I’ve probably got enough other bits to do the job. Just need a bit of strip board, a wall-wart, diode and a resister. Blah, piece of piss.

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