So, on ‘The Smiler’, it looks like I was right

Spent the day working on bugs in the last project for the next patch which wasn’t very exciting. Took Dillon to the vet to look at his arse. Now has some cream, may need a little op, he doesn’t seem remotely bothered by someone jamming their finger up his bum. He’s now collapsed on the couch above me, with more of his bowel outside than in. Went for another run.

Found some news on ‘The Smiler’ incident. “Even though The Smiler locked up all other trains and froze them in their locations like it should have, an operations and a maintenance employee decided to put the ride into maintenance mode and override the safety checks already put into place. They dispatched a train which was then sent flying into the valleyed train on the track causing serious injury to everyone on board and two people had to have their legs amputated.

Alton Towers, in a recent statement, admitted that the accident was in fact operator error (as described above) and not a fault of the ride malfunctioning.” So that’s pretty much the conclusion I came to about the day after it happened. Problem is, it really shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

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