So now I’m back to eating I’m now losing weight

The scales surprised me somewhat this morning, considering yesterday I started eating again. Lets hope they continue to go in that direction. I managed to seek out some strange rice that is only available in Morrison’s, I may try and pick some up tomorrow, it has bugger all calories in it, will go nice with a curry. So work was dull once again, spent ages trying to find a problem on PC, in the end debugged it on a console as it was quicker. Walked Sasha for an hour. Ate salad for lunch. Going for sort of chunky chicken next week for a change, as I no longer have bread. Went for an hours walk this evening. So that’s two hours exercise again today. Spent an hour or so working on a tune. Had a shower. Still have to debug one more thing before finishing. And then it’s salad again.

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