So now I have (what remains) of my life back

Today was all about spot lights, actually it was all about projected spotlights and how much of a mess they were in. I don’t know who did the specular calc, but it was very wonky. Anyway, all sorted now. Weather has turned somewhat cold again. Had to drive out and drop the Occulus Rift off as Rob’s had blown up. Walked Sasha, walked to gym, did Pump, walked home.

Now I have all this time on my hands again…no more exams, no more cramming flight time in. I can just go off and rent a helicopter for two hundred quid an hour and fly it myself. So what did I do with all the extra time I had this evening? Well work of course. I did have a twiddle with some software for my little UHF/VHF transceiver, I’m just setting it up for repeaters. One day I’ll call someone on it. That’ll be the first contact I’d have made on amateur radio for about twenty-five years. No doubt Paul will spring up, apparently he’s into guns now. I have no desire to ever socialise with him again, something very much in the past.

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