So it took an hour to realise that my monitor colour calibrater had a lens cap

Spent the day finishing off what are basically prerequisites for the next stage. Its all very complex and mostly very dull, but I’ve got some really fun work coming up in the next few weeks. Horrible bloody weather again. Walked Sasha and it stayed dry. Tried to go for a run later and it kept with a mild drizzle for about twenty minutes and then hammered down. Sterilised thirty bottles ready for bottling, probably on Sunday. There’s an issue with the other wine, my sorbate isn’t dissolving properly, so gave it a good stir, I think it just needs a bit more time. I’d like to get the red on by the end of the week, or it’ll never be done for Christmas. I’ve got a new colour calibrator, my old one was starting to give weird readings. I set it all up with the software and started calibrating, it promptly crashed and gave weird results. I was about to pack it up and send it back when I realised that it was in two parts and you split it to reveal the sensor. So rubber band in place around the monitor holding it on and two hours later I have a monitor which can support 100% of the srgb colour gamut, which is quite impressive. I need to do the iMac, the iMacAir, the telly and most importantly the projector at some point.

So off to Windsor tomorrow for the office Christmas party. What happens in Windsor, stays in Windsor…..but Vitt will no doubt have his bloody camera.

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