So it looked like I was self harming

Yesterday mainly started in bed. Then after a while I did eventually get up and went Geocaching for an hour or so as there were a couple of new ones just up the A38. Found both of those no problem. Then had the sudden desire to tidy up the garden. Spent about four hours chopping up tree bits and jamming it all in the bin. Had a shower and then went to the pub with my sister. Much larger was drunk.

So this morning I had breakfast at the usual time and did coffee. Did some reading and then had more coffee. We popped to the mall. I then attacked the garden some more. Walked to the gym. Got stared at by lots of people. I didn’t think I was that ugly, until I realised looking in the mirror, both arms are completely covered in cuts. It looks like I’ve had a very depressing week and had a go at my wrists. Anyway, got through Pump without committing suicide, and walked home. Then spent another hour attacking the garden. I’m not sure what’s thorn and whats flower, so basically I’m just hacking the lot out.

I think I reached the point in my life where I’m considering a water feature.

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