So I got ten years for stabbing my mother in the back of the neck

So spent the whole day indoors, well apart from the bits where I went out to the garage. All about the bay window. Took down the old curtains and rail, filled everything in and then painted the ceiling. Bit odd this one. House was built in 1996, but for certain the Artex on that part contains asbestos, you can see the fibres, all other Artex in the house is clean. Anyway, all sealed in using three coats of Dulux finest. Removed all the mouldy silicone from the windows, that’ll need replacing. Painted the window sill and the skirting, only thing left on that now is another coat on the sill and the walls there. So on with the second coat on the sill today, then start on the trunking I think, get that out of the way, that’ll just leave the bay wall and changing the radiator next week, ready for the blinds to be fitted.

Had one of my dreams last night. I finally decided to stab my mother in the back of the neck with a knife. All was going to plan, dragged her body into the car, belted her in and disposed of it somewhere (obviously that bit was a bit dull as it was edited out the dream). Next thing I know I was in court, I was hoping to get away without a custodial sentence, pleading ‘diminished responsibility’ or ‘physiological bullying’. However I got ten years. Oddly I quite enjoyed the prison thing, it had a gym and a cinema. There was this one ‘odd’ bullying character, but all he demanded was that I brought him tea a 2:20PM every day. At one wrestling match there was rather a cutie. I got pulled up on this by one of the gays, he said he knew I was into him as my leg quivered. But he said it was fine as this guy was gay as well, and he and another were both up his ass like rats up a drainpipe, and it was fine if I wanted to join in. I then woke up, which was a shame as I was quite looking forward to the orgy, I guess it was coming up to 2PM and I needed to make that tea….

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