So does it have X?

Spent the worst night I’ve had in ages. I sneaked off to the spare room as I thought someone had shoved a spear up my nostril into my eye socket. My sinus collapsed. Jamie thought I was in a piss with him, of course I wasn’t, I just wanted to die in pain alone. Tried work in the morning, that wasn’t happening. I found I was fine if I wasn’t sat down or lying down, so I route marched the dogs for about five hours. They enjoyed it. Finally did some work around 4PM. I was feeling a damn sight better by then. I’ve had this before. I know the cause, its rather annoying.

So signed up to Apple Music. Three month free trial. Going on holiday in a couple of weeks so need some tunes. Dug out an old iPod and set it all up. I have access to 30 Million tunes. I’m still trying to find obscure shit it doesn’t have, so far I haven’t succeeded.

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