Resident parking zones aren’t all bad

I’m not going to comment on my weight. So got up ultra early and started work at 7:30AM. Worked until just gone ten and then drove to the dentists. Managed to park right outside, thanks to this residence parking thing, paid my two quid for a couple of hours. Dentist examined my teeth, moaned about me not seeing the hygienist. Took x-rays. Apparently I have very good teeth in good condition, and a jaw bone of a teenager, only if I had a body to match. Rather than replacing a couple more amalgams we opted for something rather more radical, so will sort that in a couple of weeks. Came back did more work, walked both dogs, more work. Ran ten miles. Got a very irritating forum post, sent a very snotty email. I’ve built up enough calories now to do torture porn night once again, although I’m not totally in the mood.

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