Normality resumes, and so does the overtime

So started pretty much bang on 9AM. Did an hour or so before we picked up the dogs. They were very pleased to see us. It’s odd that they pulled like hell when I dropped them off to get to the place and now they pulled like hell trying to get back to the car. Got back on with work, which today was mostly catching up and bug fixing. Walked both dogs. More work. Then walked to gym and did Combat. My legs have been aching all today. Walked home. Was planning on doing about an hours work, ended up doing two. So clocking up overtime again already. I’ve been invited to the Sony 20th anniversary party, but it’s on a Tuesday and I have to sort and pay for it all, it’s the day after Jamie’s birthday, so it’s all a bit of a pain. Who has a bloody party in London on a Tuesday?

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