Mind games

Just remember gentle reader, not everything you read on social media is accurate, some of it is carefully placed to be read by certain parties. Lets just say that I retain the right to fuck someone completely over in a millisecond. After todays events the ball is securely in my court and I’m just gently bouncing it on the base line, contemplating my next shot. That’s all I’m going to say on the matter for the moment, other than at one point today I did feel like Blofeld on a giant swivel chair stroking a large white pussy, with the power to destroy someone then and there.

Jamie said last night was the best sleep he’d had in ages. I spent seven hours wide awake with a sore throat, thinking that if I could press a button there and then to end my life I would have gone for it, it was like being permanently poked with daggers.

The weather today was very strange, I took Sasha out and it was bloody awful. I then went out by myself and found a Geocache which was a DNF before and it had slightly improved. In between all this I’d been writing a stack of TripAdvisor reviews. Lost count how many, and I’ve only just left Disney. I then went out for an evening walk, apart from it being a bit nippy, it was actually lovely. Did the accounts and more bloody reviews.

Jamie is cooking tonight, so the only thing I’m likely to die of in the next 24 hours is food poisoning.

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