Lets try these new tablets then

So today I ended up doing a lot of small work jobs, which was good as I had a hell of a lot outstanding. Got the bulk of them done as well. Got one odd issue with the SDK update which I’ll have to look further into. Weather is awful, rain and gales. Took Sasha out but it didn’t last long. Finished work at a reasonable hour, still longer than I should have done mind. Started off the next wine kit. Also went round and started touching up the paint. Need another good session on that. Taken ‘Zopiclone’, looks like fun. Lets see if it works.

One thought on “Lets try these new tablets then

  1. I’ve been given some of those. I took one Monday night and it worked a treat. Took one last night and I’ve been awake all night! May have to try two although I feel really groggy this morning.

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