It’s all about the formats

So got up later than I was initially planning, but worked out fine as I got to the garage just as it was opening. Dropped off my car and picked up a fucking ugly brown Agila with no petrol in it. Sorted that out and started working early. Today was all about data formats and trying to pack normals in interesting ways. Well I managed to get them in a number of ways. None yet I’m truly happy with. Walked the dogs, came back and got a phone call from the garage. Some rubber boot thing needed replacing. Sixteen quid for the boot and sixty to fit it, fairly typical. Anyway, picked it up and didn’t hit too much traffic. Did a home check for a couple of kittens. Went for a run. Actually quite looking forward to work tomorrow, will be quite interesting to sort this lot out.

No news from mother. Hopefully she’s died.

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