I’m sure this new keyboard is going to drive me mad

So today it was up early and drove to the station. Ran to the ticket office, got ticket, got on train. Which was fairly full, but got a seat. Journey was uneventful. Tube journey took too long to be honest. Office meeting was fine. We had pizza for lunch. I picked up a fancy Logitech G910 from the office. It’s one of these gaming keyboards with lots of stupid LED’s, but it’s an American layout, so I’m sure it will annoy the shit out of me over the next couple of days. I think I’m going to evaluate it for a while, if I get used to the actual key action, which to be honest I like the tactile feedback, then I may buy the Corsair K70, which is similar, but has the UK layout.

Anyway, as it was a nice evening and the return ticket price was a hundred quid, I decided to skip jumping on the tube and instead decided to walk back to the station. It was pretty good actually. Walked from London Bridge, down the South bank, until Westminster, the crossed over, past Buckingham palace and then through Hyde Park to Paddington. A couple of hours with a couple of stops for a few photos. Picked up a ticket and got straight on the train. Okay journey back. Jamie had left me some food, chicken wasn’t bad, rest was a bit, blah. This was another of these ‘Hello fresh’ meals. This keyboard is beginning to grow on me. I think really I have to do a bit of coding to really get used to it.

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