I’m practically perfect, In every way

So this morning started with a bum. I must admit, I was quite up for it. It’s been the first time since Jamie’s birthday, so didn’t last long. Had a couple of coffees and then continued with the decorating. About ninety percent of the sanding is out of the way now, thank god. I put a couple of bits of base coat on as well. I reckon about four weekends to get it all done. A thick base coat ordered which I’ll apply next week and also fourteen ‘tester’ pots of various colours. We took the dogs out to the field. I did a couple of bits and then it was time to shower and head out to the city to see ‘Mary Poppins – The musical’. The sets were very complex and lavish. I must admit, I’ve never seen all the film, and it’s not exactly one of my favourite musicals. It was ‘okay’, if anything it was over-long. My ass went numb. Act two seemed to be all the songs from act one, again. Some good effects though. Burt tap-danced upside down from the very top of the stage and Mary did indeed fly over the audience. It was a good touring production. I think I just didn’t really like the musical. The two child actors were amazing though, very talented. We had a Chinese. This lounge is covered in dust.

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